The ever-increasing IT Industry has seen the most successful professionals coming from India. QGS offers IT Training and Education in area of:

Software Development
IT Enabled Project Management
Hardware & Networking
Quality Control
Designing Mobile and Web applications

Soft Skills & Behavioral Training

While understanding the technical knowledge of career aspirants, QGS offers specialized Soft Skills and Behavioral training programs to help them having better chances of getting jobs in and outside India. These programs majorly focus on the improving the speaking, listening and leadership skills through motivation and confidence building. This is done through adaptation of continuous process of three key steps: Listening (auditory), Viewing or Reading (visual) and Experiencing (kinesthetically).

English Communication

The internationally accepted language of vital professional communication, English, is highly valued at QGS’ training sessions. Beginning from the basic level, enhancing to intermediatory and advanced levels, English Communication training programs at QGS are well designed, keeping in mind the candidates’ current levels of the language overall understanding. Specialized trainers use effective tools of mentoring: One-to-One sessions; Group Sessions; Multi-media sessions; Written and Oral Communication. The programs are designed for students and professionals at all levels, focusing on developing and improving their practical English Communication Skills. All these programs rightly spend time on Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Fluency in Reading, Speaking and Writing.

IT Enabled Project Management and Implementation

Considering the increase in world-class projects being implemented by multinational companies investing in Indian markets, Project Management has become an expertise that is essential to any economic or creative success of an individual as well as enterprise. This program also meets the continuing education and training requirements for managing and implementing new as well as ongoing Projects.

“QGS has been successfully imparting IT Enabled Project Management training to engineers of various organizations including BHEL, Himachal PWD, Jharkhand PWD, Rajasthan PWD, UPRRDA, UTTRAKAND RRDA, and many others.”

Marketing, Sales and Customer Handling Skills Development

These multi-tasking profiles require an essential skill set to an individual’s Resume. QGS’ specialized programs offer multi-level training in hardcore Sales, Marketing and Customer Care area, which are essentially required by every industry today.

Business Process Outsourcing

One of the ever-booming industries in India, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector had already made its place more than a decade ago, offering a secure and fruitful career. Interactive Training in Business Process Outsourcing helps candidates making a career in this growing industry in profiles such as: Voice, Non-Voice, Technical and Back-end.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

After grand success of Business Process Outsourcing, came the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) as a promising industry for the youth. Any company’s research and development is highly facilitated by the KPOs. A professional at KPO Company requires advanced analytical and technical skills as well as a high degree of specialist expertise. QGS’ advanced programs offer special skill set training through its technical as well as communication driven programs.

Work Ethics and Professional Working Etiquette

For any individual to have a successful career in any industry, work ethics and a professional working etiquette is highly essential. This is not only to match up to the international standards of working, but has become a necessity, with the increasing globalization.
QGS offers Work Ethics and Professional Working Etiquette program for its candidates through personalized and e-learning tools.

Security Related Training

Security of men, machines, money and materials is extremely important in any organization and requires focused attention by the Management. Keeping in view the ever increasing demand of trained Security Personnel, QGS offers special Programs in this field.

Hospitality Related Training

Individuals seeking to make a career in the vast hospitality industry get the best of benefits at QGS’ Hospitality Program, which covers all major sectors:

Front Offices of SMEs and Large Business Houses
Tour and Travel

Vocational Training for Career Development and Livelihood

Give your inner talents the wings, by joining the Vocational Training programs at QGS. These programs help nurturing the desired skills of each individual keen at bringing out passion for excelling in a specific profession.
Vocational training is used to prepare for a certain trade or craft. Unlike its image a decade ago, today vocational studies range from hand trades to retail to tourism and many other fields of management. Vocational training is education only in the type of trade a person wants to pursue, forgoing his/her traditional academics.